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Welcome to the Center for Antiracism

The Center for Antiracism provides leadership, research, innovative strategies, and resources to aid institutions in becoming an antiracist institution. The Center partners with major institutions including universities, corporations, and leading antiracism experts to offer timely and innovative resources and strategies. The Center is designed to serve as the cornerstone for our work in antiracism, racial and social justice, inclusion, and diversity as antiracism serves as a critical component to achieving racial equity and racial justice. The Center offers a comprehensive set of resources, guides, trainings, and opportunities to advance antiracism and as a result, racial justice.


Promote active and innovative engagement in understanding, identifying, and addressing systemic and institutional racism.

We aim to do this by focusing on the following priorities:

  1. Educate individuals and institutions on how systemic and institutional racism emerged in the US and how policies, laws, norms, media, etc., have maintained racism and racial oppression.
  2. Provide trainings, certifications, customized trainings, and innovative research and strategies for institutions to address systemic and institutional racism.
  3. Foster research and creative scholarship that informs antiracism practice.
  4. Address all issues and inequities that manifest from systemic, social, and institutional racism.
  5. Recognize that resistance to racism and antiracism strategic, effective, and sustainable commitments and leadership.


    Provide leadership, resources, and opportunities for companies, organizations and communities striving to become antiracist institutions.


    Industry Specific Trainings

    Antiracism is not a one-size fits all approach. Most antiracism trainings offer similar approaches and strategies; however, addressing systemic and institutional inequities requires strategies and approaches that meet the needs of the company or organization. Institution tailored trainings provide companies and organizations resources and strategies designed to strategically elevate and advance antiracism initiatives.

    Live Training

    The Center offers live training sessions on antiracism throughout the year. Past workshops include: “Building an Antiracist Institution,” “The Framing and Reframing of Antiracism,” “Antiracism Communication Strategies,” and “Performative Antiracism.” The Center collaborates with leading researchers and professionals to offer innovative and engaging live trainings and workshops.

    Recorded Webinars

    Webinars include former live training sessions, talks, and research presentations. Recorded webinars also include podcasts, past conference presentations, and other accessible resources. Opportunities for companies and organizations to record their antiracism journey and deliver promising resources and strategies are available.

    Customized Training

    The Center works with leading trainers, consultants, practitioners, and researchers to provide customized trainings that meet the needs of your company or organization.

    Resources and Tools


    The Antiracism Toolkit serves as a collection of resources that enables individuals and teams to learn more about the complex concept and identify appropriate approaches that meet their needs. The toolkit is based on current research and proven promising strategies designed to inform and guide antiracism initiatives.

    Collaborative Net/Working Groups

    The Antiracism Collaborative Net/Working provides individuals opportunities to discuss, share, network, and collaborate on antiracism resources and initiatives. Research indicates that networking improves business and communication strategies and often leads to strategic collaborations to advance a common cause. Antiracism research supports the network concept as it enhances resources, buy-in, advocacy, and support.

    Research ←→ Practice

    Although antiracism research has existed for almost four decades, it has primarily focused on education. As companies and organization increasingly engage in antiracism, antiracism and DEI researchers will seek out opportunities to develop research opportunities designed to advance innovative research publications that share theoretical foundations, methodologies, challenges, opportunities, and promising strategies.

    Affiliate Faculty & Researchers

    Affiliate faculty and researchers understand that academic endeavors benefit individuals, teams, companies, organizations, and communities, and that there is much to learn from others. Affiliate faculty and researchers provide direct resources such as trainings, workshops, or consulting, as well as indirect resources such as scholar blogs, podcasts, webinars, articles, and more.

    National Thought Leaders

    National Thought Leaders on Antiracism brings together a select group of scholars, administrators, and advocates to discuss challenges and opportunities facing antiracism work. Thought Leaders convene on a regular basis to outline and discuss issues and trends that define a national research, policy, and practice agenda towards improving equity and racial and social justice practice.


    The Center for Antiracism partners with companies, organizations, and postsecondary institutions to provide promising strategies and resources. Partnerships strengthen our research, advocacy, and work to support individuals and institutions pursuing antiracism.




    The Center offers multiple trainings and workshops for individuals or teams pursuing antiracism initiatives. Trainings or workshops vary from introductions to antiracism to more in-depth engagement in capacity building, logic models, and organizational change. The Center also provides customizable trainings and workshops to fit the needs of your team, organization, or company.



    In collaboration with the Diversity Research Institute (DRI), the Center offers resources summaries designed to translate antiracism, diversity, equity, and inclusion research into promising strategies and initiatives. The Center, and the DRI, offer access to innovative research and researchers to assist companies and organizations in their antiracism efforts. The Center also offers the opportunity to execute research collaborations between researchers and companies or organizations to guide others in executing their antiracism pursuits.



    Leading antiracism requires a committed, informed, and strategic leader(s). The Center offers leadership development programs, resources, and initiatives. Antiracism leadership requires an in-depth understanding of racial inequities and injustices located in systems and institutions as well as how to serve as an advocate for antiracism and racial justice activism.



    Context is critical to pursuing antiracism as institutions each have a different set of goals, priorities, infrastructures, and cultures. The Center provides customized antiracism consulting that takes into consideration the company or organization’s history, products or services, location, staff, clients, and internal and external stakeholders. Customized consulting offers strategic investments in initiatives specifically designed individual companies and organizations



    Antiracism Defined

    Antiracism is the process of identifying, addressing, and eliminating policies, practices, norms, systems, structures, and institutions that promote or sustain oppressive barriers for historically minoritized and marginalized individuals and populations. The process of becoming an antiracist institution involves the similar resources and activities required for racial equity, inclusion, racial justice, and social justice, as a result, the terms are often used interchangeably; however, each initiative is quite distinct.


    To be an antiracist, an individual must be actively engaged in identifying and addressing policies, practices, norms, traditions, and environments, that promote institutional oppression and systemic barriers for historically minoritized and marginalized individuals and communities. An antiracist individual actively confronts racial inequalities located in systems and institutions.


    Antiracist Institution

    An antiracist institution is a social structure (family, religion, education, healthcare, company, organization, etc.,) that pursues antiracism to remove barriers for historically minoritized and marginalized individuals and populations.

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